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Flights of Fancy Daycare Services

Preschool and Childcare Center in Beaverton, Oregon

At Flights of Fancy Daycare we are child care providers, and our family daycare center meets all the regulations required of us. We provide every aspect of child care and our services are appreciated by the parents as well as the youngsters. A typical day for the 10 youngsters who attend consists of breakfast at 6.30pm, then lunch and two snacks; a program of teaching that includes reading and writing, basic math, science, and singing; an hour of outdoor time followed by free play.

We take the youngsters on days out and field trips at least once a year to local attractions such as the Science Museum and the Children’s Museum in nearby Portland, Oregon. Children who have special dietary needs are welcome, as are youngsters who have behavioral difficulties including ADD and ADHD. We can distribute medication with a doctor’s note but we do not have wheelchair access and cannot accept children with disabilities.

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