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Day Care and Child Care in Beaverton, Oregon

Preschool Classes


At Flights of Fancy Daycare much of our work involves youngsters who have yet to start school and we have two hours of preschool lessons a day. That includes teaching children the alphabet, how to write their names, and how to identify letters. They also get taught addition and subtraction as well as some science lessons, reading, and singing.

Field Trip Days

Field Trips

We occasionally take children on fun days out and field trips to nearby places of interest such as the Children’s Museum, and the Science Museum, both in nearby Portland, Oregon. These trips take place once a year at least and we find the youngsters get a lot from them.

Sick Child Care

Sick Child Policy

If any child has a fever, diarrhea, or is vomiting, they cannot come to the day care center for at least 24 hours after the symptoms have stopped. If the child develops any of these symptoms during the day, we will separate that child from the others and call the parents to pick up the youngster.

About Flights of Fancy Daycare

Flights of Fancy Daycare has been operating in Beaverton, Oregon, since 2004. As a family-run center, we take great pride in the way we run our business and in trying to develop the youngsters who are entrusted to our care. The center can accommodate 10 children and they tend to form close bonds with one another. We provide breakfast from 6.30am and we have lunch and two snacks during the day. All our caregivers are educated in CPR and child abuse, as required by Oregon law.

We accept children from the ages of 3 months to 12 years and the facility is open from 6am to 7pm six days a week, Monday thru Saturday. Our business is fully licensed and insured and we attract custom not just from Beaverton but also from nearby communities such as Portland and Aloha. We can accommodate children who have specific dietary requirements including vegetarian and vegan, and we also deal with youngsters who have ADD, ADHD, and other forms of behavioral difficulties.

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Day Care Center

The facility we have built up over the years here at Flights of Fancy Daycare has grown in popularity since we opened in 2004 and we typically have a six-month waiting time before we will be able to accept another child. One of the features of our service that sets us apart from our competitors in the area is the fact we remain open until 7pm during the week, and also open from 6am to 7pm on a Saturday. As a family-run, husband and wife service, we offer a highly personal and professional caregiving service and there is no staff turnover.

Babies from the age of three months are welcome at Flights of Fancy Daycare. We do not have a separate baby facility but they are kept separate from the older children. If any child has to be away for an extended period, such as a vacation, we will hold the spot for up to two months. The child care assistance we offer includes a schedule that incorporates teaching, meals, outdoor time and free play.

Child Day Care Center

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